Providing the Highest Level of Care to the ones that need it most.

About Us

Better Health Adult Care Services have been designed to ensure the highest quality care for you and your loved ones. With attention to detail, a passion for who we serve and the desire to ensure unmatched support, we are proud to say that we are confident the experience with us will be second to none.

Luxury, pampering and a needs based approach are our tenants.  We are able to match the specific requirements of each patient, including those who may have mental or physical disabilities and additional care requirements outside the scope of many adult care services in the area.

Providing comfort and care is what we do – which in turn leaves every person we work with feeling nurtured, supported and happy.

our vision

Better Health Adult Care Services that give you peace of mind have arrived. Our highly trained professionals treat every patient and every patient experience with the respect and care they deserve, day in and day out. With custom solutions based on patient needs and a human approach that recognizes not every situation calls for the same response, we understand what it means to excel at service. A value system founded on trust, we take our role in the care of you and your loved ones seriously. Rest easy knowing our modern approach mixed with classic respect is the world class service every person deserves.


In the Community

We are deeply connected to our community, with the belief that the deeper the roots, the healthier the tree – and we are all branches committed to grow. We ensure our staff is well organized, prepared and aware of events in the community. By volunteering and understanding our local community, we are able to help all thrive.

Leisure Activities

Being active is what makes life amazing. It is our intention to make exciting, worthwhile activities and events available to our clients and staff on a consistent basis. By enjoying these unique offerings together, it creates a stronger bond, an excitement for life and growth opportunities that make an ordinary day extraordinary.


From mobility challenges to equipment needs, our facility absolutely understands the importance of catering to the individual. Our transportation services include complete care to make sure not only are our members safe, but that they feel completely taken care of every step of the way in our fleet of vehicles, customized as needed.


Clean, fresh and every detail considered. Comfortable living is the key to the best possible day, and it’s what we strive for. What makes our service unique is that we cater to the specific needs of every individual, to ensure the best possible experience. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach, rather we treat every person in the way that is right for them, every day.


At the core of our adult care services is our staff. Meticulously trained, we only work with the highest quality individuals to guarantee an unmatched experience.

All of our staff are certified and have experience in working with IDD and mental health. Every employee has up to date physicals, CPR and First Aid training, in addition to all documentation and training required by both Allegheny County and The State of Pennsylvania.

Each of our employees is gifted in their own way, with a pledge to serve our clients day in and day out. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the caring, authentic, professional personalities who will greet you and your loved ones.